12 Tips How To Please Your Wife In Bed

Scientists worked hard to get some ways to satisfy woman's desire even if she didn't ask...
Here are some details:

1- Kiss, the golden ticket for the major event... According to the scientific magazine of Psychiatry, woman prefers starting with a kiss rather than enter directly into the sexual relation… the beginning should be during kisses, also you should take care about your mouth smell keeping it fragrance... this have a great psychological effect on woman.

2- Movement: the movements of husband with his wife's and the way he touches her body make the woman asks for more and more... The key of emotional push is the movement.
Doing some movements and specials signs between couples makes them get closer.

3- Take care about her, use your hand to flirts her arm as this region contain nerves of pleasure which respond to touching , this nerves called "c tactile" which lies also in face and foot.
These nerves send signs to the center of pleasure.

4- Make her feels as a hot woman; listen while she talking about her self, watching her reaction when you touch specific regions of her body.
Doctor krie – doctor in special relation – said "you have pay attention to your partner… listen to her…talking and flirts her, not try to comment about which bother her even if by positive way".

5- Change places, give a try changes the places where you live or where you make a sexual relation for every month or even every year.

6- The beginning always should be outside bed room, start with sweet words satisfy beauty and body…then some sweet flirts outside the bed room which gives physical and physiological prepares to enter the sexual relation.
According to Alta university researches, talking during the sexual relation help it gets better, which is helpful in removing stress and tension.

7- Be sure that she want to make you happy, off course this is for woman who loves her husband, she want to communicate with you ,learn from you without asking what you want.
She might not have the courage to lead so here comes your role; you have to teach her...  also it is important to talk her about sexual relation, she must hear from you and you will find a apparent changes in her sexual way – off course if she loves you – she will have a strong desire to hear and try each word you say as she trust you.
Talking about sex makes you closer besides it confirms her trust and the ability to satisfy you.
Scientists said that talking about sex outside bed rooms, gives 79% of sexual satisfaction for both of husband and wife.

8- Busy work, some people have wrong concern about being busy in work affects the sexual relation negatively, on contrary being busy for a while specially travels increases the positive feelings between both of them. But do not forget phoning your wife while outside and you have to compensate her when you get back home.
9- Be funny, by saying jokes and make her laugh this will help to break the boring barrier.

10-Some studies says you have to watch scare movies with her each awhile, also watching some romantic movies can play a good  role especially if each you have tendency to play a romantic role together.
In fact, a long romantic look to her eyes can be enough and fall her with totally love.

11- Make her a partner in some works,, Doing exercise .. Doing little hard works, as that would increases the level of testosterone hormone in her body consequently increases her lustful.

12- Doing massage for each other makes inflame, woman love to feel relaxation before starting the sexual relation.

Finally, Love is the major source for everything... The barrier which defense against all the problems and difficulties in marriage... It is the fastest way to have a great sexual relation.

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